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Protest Looters in Ferguson, Hagel under the bus and more political news


Working on my blog Monday afternoon, I could look out the window and see the build-up of a projected 3-6 inches of snow. Far less than a lot of places, I know. But this on November 24--almost a month until the official start of what has already been a bad winter. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Excerpt: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel handed in his resignation under pressure on Monday, the first cabinet-level casualty of the collapse of President Obama’s Democratic majority in the Senate and the struggles of his national security team to respond to an onslaught of global crises.
In announcing Mr. Hagel’s resignation from the State Dining Room on Monday, the president, flanked by Mr. Hagel and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., called Mr. Hagel critical to ushering the military “through a significant period of transition” and lauded “a young Army sergeant from Vietnam who rose to serve as America’s 24th secretary of defense.” (Here I was, thinking Hagel was way too accommodating to Obama and his ideas, when it turns out that the mild opposition and different inputs that Chuck was registering were just way too much for Obama to put up with. It seems that a good Obama appointee is a YES SIR type of appointee, and anything less just won't cut it. I can hardly wait to see who gets picked next for the job, but chances of it being a nonmilitary, liberal loyalist type are about 99.9%. --Del)

White House seeks a stronger hand at Pentagon to manage crises
Excerpt: President Obama tapped Chuck Hagel as defense secretary because he wanted someone who would quietly implement the administration’s policy, avoid controversy and promote no big, sweeping ideas. Hagel was forced to resign Monday for being exactly that defense secretary.
Hagel didn’t make big mistakes. Nor had he lost the confidence of the uniformed military. But he often seemed lost or overly deferential to his generals in top-level White House strategy meetings, especially those focused on the battle against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, senior administration officials said. (And Obama is, of course, a better general than his generals, jut as he believes he is a better speech writer, policy guru, political director etc then the people around him. Bet I could take him at chess or Tactics II though. ~Bob)

Get the story straight! The New York Times Changes Its Story Deleting The Most Remarkable Thing About Chuck Hagel’s Firing. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: After two Secretaries of Defense leaving, then writing critical pieces about President Obama, the White House decided the third SecDef needed to be destroyed on the way out so any criticisms can immediately be cast as sour grapes by a compliant press. But that’s not the most remarkable thing about Chuck Hagel’s firing. The most remarkable thing is toward Look at how the story explains his firing.

Air Force Removes POW/MIA 'Missing Man' Table Because It Includes a Bible
Excerpt: Something is missing from the Riverside Dining Facility at Patrick Air Force Base: the traditional POW/MIA 'Missing Man' table. Such tables, a mainstay at military bases and veterans’ organizations, are set for six, one for each service — the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and civilian personnel — representing personnel missing in action or taken as prisoners of war. The table was removed from Florida’s Patrick Air Force Base because of one item traditionally placed on the table — a copy of the Bible, according to Florida Today. (The Air Force is saying the table will be brought back but has not said whether the Bible will be allowed. --MasterGuns)

Obama insults Australia: Why did president diss close ally's prime minister? By Nick Adams
Excerpt: Since the beginning of the last century, Australia is the only country to have fought alongside the United States in every single major conflict. Australia is America’s closest ally in Asia, and indeed, the world. So, what President Obama did when he came to the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia, was stunning and offensive. (It's a religious difference. The Aussie PM is not a communicant of the Great Progressive Church. ~Bob)

Too funny: Liberal Challenges Mike Rowe to Explain How a Christian (or Anyone) Could Vote Republican. Rowe’s Answer Is Simply Awesome.
Excerpt: Then Green issued Rowe a challenge, asking him to “PLEASE explain to the American people why you vote/are a Republican—because for the life of me I cannot understand WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN!” Green’s answer came in the form of “Some Unsolicited Marketing Advice From Mike Rowe at 37,000 Feet.” (I suggest Mr. Green read "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion." By Jonathan Haidt. http://www.amazon.com/The-Righteous-Mind-Politics-Religion/dp/0307377903/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1338240119&sr=1-1
Haidt is a self-described left-wing academic and atheist, though of Jewish heritage. He is a Kerry and Obama supporter, a bias he is very open about and references throughout this work. But he is also an intellectually honest man and—so rare on today’s campuses—open to diversity of thought, the only kind of diversity that really matters. A “Moral Psychologist,” Haidt makes a very solid academic research effort to understand the moral foundations of both conservative and liberal political thought, as well as why religion is important in human societies. ~Bob)

Interesting: Marion Barry, DC’s “Mayor for Life,” Dies at Age 78. By Harry Jaffe, Washingtonian Magazine.
Excerpt: For much of his career, Barry split the city along racial lines. African-Americans saw him as the unapologetic black leader who broke down the doors of a city government that had been closed to them. In the eyes of many white Washingtonians, he ran a corrupt, ineffective government and succumbed to his weaknesses for alcohol, women, and drugs. Blacks forgave his human frailties; he made his troubles their troubles. Whites judged him and cringed when he became the butt of jokes on late-night television. ... “As an elected official, Marion often misconstrued the mission of his government as one to provide reparations to black Americans,” says Jarvis. “Somehow he came to believe the government was the employer of first resort. He hired without much criteria. His greatest failure was in not training city workers for their jobs. It would have helped the government and in their own lives.” Barry made sure that African-American companies got their share of city contracts, though he did a poor job of holding them accountable. In the process, he enriched many political allies. (Blacks today need a charismatic black politician like Booker T. Washington, one who is not corrupt and interested in improving their lives, not in catering to. their media-fed biases. ~bob)

Ex-Conservative minister Owen Paterson urges UK's EU exit
Excerpt: Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has called for Britain to leave the EU and negotiate a free trade agreement with the rest of Europe. He also said Britain should give notice to quit the EU before negotiations begin ahead of the in/out referendum promised by David Cameron.

Worth Reading: The 9 most fascinating numbers from national exit polls. By Chris Cillizza 
Excerpt: 62. That’s the percentage of the vote for Democrats among those who said they “never” attend any sort of religious services; Republicans won just 36 percent among that group. Compare that with the 18-point edge Republicans enjoyed over Democrats among those who go to some sort of religious service weekly and you see that one’s religiosity continues to be among the most reliable predictors of how they will vote. Consider yourself a religious person, or, at least, someone who attends religious services regularly? There’s a strong likelihood you are voting Republican. Not a churchgoer? You are voting Democratic.

God please give me patience, if you give me strength I will just punch them in the face.

North Dakota Names Landfill After Obama
Excerpt: In an overwhelming 35-10 vote, the state Senate advanced a bill naming a 650-acre site currently under construction after the nation’s 44th president. Governor Jack Dalrymple is expected to sign the measure into law Tuesday. When completed, the Barack Obama Memorial Landfill will be the largest waste disposal site in North Dakota, and the 17th largest in the United States. It will be especially rich in toxic waste from the local petroleum and medical industries.

Excerpt: Scotty sends us his work on this fellow Gerhard Smith who was actually busted several years ago by our buddy, Doug Sterner. He was busted when he tried to join his local Marine Corps League with this obviously forged DD214; Yeah, I don’t know what a “Major E-10″ is, but Scotty says that he tries to pass himself off as a “one star Major General”.

House Intel Benghazi Report A Lie Agreed Upon
Excerpt: To say that Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John Tiegen, three CIA contractors who on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, battled with terrorists from the roof of the CIA's Benghazi annex building, do not agree with conclusions of the House Intelligence Committee report released Friday is putting it mildly. In a tweet, Paronto called the report "a pile of crap." South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham was equally eloquent during an interview on CNN's "State of the Union," agreeing the report was "full of crap." (This report was issued by the chairman of the House committee, Mr. Rogers, with total zero agreement by any GOP member, all of whom are strongly in disagreement with almost all of what was said. What is agreed upon is that there was totally insufficient security provided to that embassy by the State Department, which again reflects on Hillary and her team. How many times does it have to be said that this was clearly the most dangerous post in the world and yet had a minimal security force? No remote excuse can apply. Meanwhile, the Dems have tried to do a partial whitewash on this awful mess, but hopefully by now very few people will give this any credence. --Del)

White House quietly releases plans for 3,415 regulations ahead of Thanksgiving holiday
Excerpt: While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda– marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday. The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday– and right before a major holiday.

Gun News

Since the outset of the Florida right-to-carry law, the Florida murder rate has averaged 36% lower than before the law took effect.

Gun Control is Like Trying to Reduce Drunk Driving by Making it Tougher for Sober People to Own Cars http://www.political-humor.org/gun-control-is-like-trying-to-reduce-drunk-driving-by-making-it-tougher-for-sober-people-to-own-cars.shtml …

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert Heinlein

Excerpt: “A St. Louis area gun shop refused a sale to an African-American woman because, according to the clerk, St. Louis police informed gun stores that Darren Wilson will not be charged,” addictinginfo.com reports. And told them to remove their firearms from the premises in case “protestors” choose to do a little affirmative shopping. (When I grow up, I plan to have a career in the booming field of Protest Looting. Lots of things offend me, so I should do quite well. ~Bob)

Pro-Gun Control Missouri State Senator And Ferguson Protester Says She Was Robbed At Gunpoint
Excerpt: A Missouri state senator who has been an advocate for gun control and an outspoken critic of how police and state officials have handled protests in the police shooting death of Michael Brown says a man pointed a gun at her during an attempted robbery late Friday night. (Do as I say....Not as I do, not when it comes to MY safety! Apparently that's how this fervent anti-gun politician feels about it. Catch the last line of the article about her being accosted by a gun-wielding thug. --Del)

Ebola and Enterovirus Plague News

Bring Out Your Dead: Plague kills 40 people in Madagascar
Excerpt: An outbreak of the plague has killed 40 people out of 119 confirmed cases in Madagascar since late August and there is a risk of the disease spreading rapidly in the capital, the World Health Organisation has said. So far two cases and one death have been recorded in the capital Antananarivo but those figures could climb quickly due to “the city’s high population density and the weakness of the healthcare system,” WHO warned.

Race Card News

I don't understand why Officer Darren Wilson is free. Didn't Judge Obama and the media already convict him of murder? The grand jury apparently looked at facts and evidence, for God's sake! How about if we just pull all white cops out of black neighborhoods, and give black cops the option of serving there or not? If there is a crime, only black officers who volunteered can respond. The last business will be gone in three months. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Why Are They Rioting Much Less Protesting in Ferguson? By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Michael Brown's death was senseless. It was absolutely preventable. But facts reveal Michael Brown, essentially, committed suicide (by police officer). He may as well have shot himself.

Ferguson police officer won’t be charged in fatal shooting
Excerpt: It also set off a show of fury on streets near where Brown was shot, a reflection of emotions that register in this riven city as either out of control or justifiable. At least two police cars and a half-dozen buildings were set aflame. Not far from Christmas lights in downtown Ferguson that read “Seasons Greetings,” police fired tear-gas canisters to contain the crowds. People looted liquor and convenience stores, a response that ran counter to the peace that Missouri authorities, President Obama and Brown’s family had requested.

Ferguson Police Officer Not Charged in Black Teen’s Shooting. Violence Flares in St. Louis Suburb After Grand Jury Declines to Indict Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s Death
Excerpt: A grand jury declined to indict a white police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager whose death in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson became a national flash point on race, justice and policing. The decision released on Monday night led to renewed unrest after the region faced weeks of protest that turned violent at times this summer. Police within hours of the decision were using smoke canisters, tear gas and non-lethal shotgun rounds to disperse crowds in Ferguson as they reported incidents of looting and buildings being set on fire.

"They will continue to loot and burn because they're angry"
That's the comment from one of the "activists" interviewed about the violent response to the verdict of the Grand Jury in Ferguson. That the Jury had three Black members on it, that they took way, way too long and too many pains to go over every tiny bit of evidence and reports and testimonies about it, to finally come up with a verdict, just as they were charged to do, does not matter in today's racially charged USA. And why is it so racially charged? Ask Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder, they have managed to exacerbate every racial incident they possibly could for six years, and now we as a nation are worse off than we were six years ago. And because the whole "victimology" game has been triply reinforced and bitterness increased hugely in some parts of the Black community, it's not going to improve anytime soon. In fact, I wonder how many years it will take to just get us back to where we were in 2008, and how much more destruction and dysfunctionality will be brought on in the meantime. We have so many bad legacies from this Administration, but this is going to remain as one of the saddest. --Del

Racial Narrative Succeeds in Destroying Ferguson
Excerpt: The grand jury reviewed three autopsies and heard more than 70 hours of testimony, and in the end they found insufficient evidence for any charge – that’s significant, as a grand jury needs only probable cause, not proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Yet “protesters” were prepared to immediately become rioters and loot everything from alcohol to TVs from local businesses and then set fire to those businesses. (As Martin Luther King Jr. would have told them, there is a huge difference between a protest and a riot. But he was a Republican. ~Bob)

What’s next? Justice continues its probe of Ferguson Police Department.
Excerpt: The Justice Department still has two opportunities to bring criminal charges and overhaul the Ferguson Police Department in the case that grew from the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. ... The Civil Rights Division is conducting a separate investigation of the Aug. 9 shooting of Brown, who was unarmed, to determine whether there is a civil rights case to be brought against Officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of Brown sparked months of protests. (The Civil Rights Division will, of course, do what Obama and Holder want, and pander to the race baiters, regardless of the evidence. There will be no Civil Rights case for Dillon Taylor, an unarmed white guy shot dead by a black cop. No grievance votes there. No looting either. ~Bob)

Of Course: Most Businesses Destroyed in Ferguson Minority Owned. By Kerry Picket
Excerpt: -KMOV-TV reports that the majority of stores that were damaged or completely destroyed during Monday night's violent riots in Ferguson were minority owned. Fire Departments around the St. Louis County Area put out 25 structural fires caused by vandals and looters following the announcement from the grand jury that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the death of Mike Brown. (The race riots in Detroit were the start of the collapse of the city. It's a dirty bird that craps in its own nest. ~Bob)

Michael Brown shooter Darren Wilson MARRIED a fellow police officer in a discreet ceremony last month. Now they and Ferguson are 'on standby' for decision on his fate
Excerpt: Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot dead unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August, has quietly gotten married. The 28-year-old officer, who hasn't been seen in public since the shooting, visited a St Louis County office last month to apply for a marriage license. Wilson then married Officer Barbara Spradling, 37, several days later on October 24 in front of his lawyer, Greg Kloeppel, and Judge Christopher B Graville.

Brandon Muhammad, 1 of 2 Black Panthers arrested for illegal firearms purchase, plan to detonate pipe bombs #Ferguson

Excerpt: Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are facing lawsuits over their race-based admissions schemes, which hold Asian and white students to higher standards because of their skin color. The lawsuits were filed Monday by a group of interested parties, including two unnamed college students who were rejected from Harvard and UNC. According to Inside Higher Ed, the Harvard applicant is of Asian ethnicity: He had a perfect ACT score, two 800s on SAT II subject exams, and was valedictorian of his high school. He didn't get in. (There was a time when the best universities discriminated against Jews, who, like Asians, come from a pro-education culture and they didn't want too many of them. Meanwhile, the blacks who are admitted despite lower scores, who could have done well at a state school, flunk out or get a black-privilege pass. And then the state schools also take lower qualified blacks in the name of diversity, who also flunk, though a community college might have given them the chance to develop study skills. This helps only administrators and academics who want to feel good about diversity, regardless of the results for real people. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Worth Reading: Beware of Our Betters. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Jonathan Gruber’s several videotaped remarks about the gross deceptions that got ObamaCare passed in Congress should tell us a lot about the Obama administration. And the way that the mainstream media hesitated for days to even mention what Professor Gruber said, while they obsessed over unsubstantiated charges against Bill Cosby, should tell us a lot about the media. Whatever did or did not happen between Bill Cosby and various women is not likely to affect the lives of 300 million Americans. But ObamaCare does.

Obamacare's Approval Rating Drops as Premiums Climb. By Sally Pipes
Excerpt: In early October, President Obama said that the midterm elections would be a referendum on his policies. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) went so far as to predict that Obamacare would be a “winner” at the polls. The voters had other ideas. They sent Democrats packing in eight Senate races. Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu may be the ninth casualty after a run-off later this year. In the House, the president’s party lost 12 seats. Voter displeasure with Obamacare is a big reason why.

Bad News Continues to Roll In for Obamacare Nightmare. By David Limbaugh
Excerpt: Last week, a report was released showing the administration, in the words of CNBC, "pulled a fast-one with enrollment numbers for Obamacare, boosting a tally by including up to 400,000 dental plans — without publicly disclosing that fact at the time." In September, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said there were 7.3 million "Americans enrolled in health insurance marketplace coverage," not disclosing that hundreds of thousands of dental plan numbers were included in that figure and that without them, the total would have been less than 7 million. But how did the administration react? As it always does, pretending to be surprised and outraged — as if it were not the primary player in this bad act.

Obamacare Twice as Likely to Hurt Americans than Help. By Sarah Jean Seman
Excerpt: A rising number of Americans are claiming that Obamacare has negatively impacted their health insurance policies. Only 14 percent claim they have been helped by Obamacare, while more than twice as many (35 percent) say they have been hurt by it, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll release Monday.

Undocumented Democrat News

Worth Reading: Did George H.W. Bush really shield 1.5 million illegal immigrants? Nope. By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post Fact Checker
Excerpt: To recap, the White House seized on a single news report, which cited an estimate much higher than any other news organization. Meanwhile, officials ignored other contemporaneous reporting using much lower figures — as well as the actual outcome of the policy. That’s worthy of Four Pinocchios.

Media, Democrats Called Out Bush, Reagan on Abuse of Executive Power. Where Are Their Voices Now? By Stephen Moore
Excerpt: Republicans are rightly and predictably infuriated by Barack Obama’s immigration executive action power play. What has been remarkable has been the silence from the left to President Obama granting legal status to some 5 million illegal immigrants. Such Nixonian abuses of White House power once elicited howls of protest from Democrats and their lap dogs in the media. But in this case of Obama defying voters, Congress and the Constitution in one fell swoop, the left has drifted between quiet unease and full-throttled support.

Surprise: Border Crossings Surge with Obama's Legalization Announcement. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: Last week President Obama announced his plan to legalize at least five million people living illegally in the United States during a primetime address to the nation from the White House. He detailed the plan again last Friday at a Las Vegas high school. Just before his announcement, law enforcement officers working in and people living along the Texas border with Mexico were already seeing a surge in illegal immigration as a result. From Local ABC 5 news in the Rio Grande Valley

Excerpt: A mass email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Sunday tried to drum up support by warning President Obama is in danger of impeachment, or even worse, jail time. (Impeachment isn't going to happen unless 13 democrat senators--at least--are committed to it. But talking about it sure helps the Democrats raise money. ~Bob)

Alinsky Does Amnesty
Excerpt: President Obama is an Alinskyite.​ That assertion is not an epithet - well, not primarily. True, I would not describe someone I admired as an "Alinskyite." Saul Alinsky was a loathsome figure - a radical statist who whose toxic brew of thoroughgoing deceit and brass-knuckles extortion ("direct action") has become a part of mainstream politics.

Obama Also Issues “Ebola Amnesty
Excerpt: Lost in the hoopla of President Obama's enormous administrative amnesty affecting mostly Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants is that he also implemented a special protective order allowing people from Ebola nations to stay in the United States.

"Cue The Laugh Track"
Excerpt: Que the laugh track, folks. Remember when those Guatemalans came flooding across the border last summer? Remember how Obama threw out the welcome mat, fed em, medicated em, sent em off to various resorts and told them to report first thing Monday morning to an Immigration Court? 95% of em couldn't be found on Monday afternoon. So, last Thursday night Obama announced blanket amnesty to a minimum of 5 million illegal Mexicans, told them they had to register, pay fines, apply for a green card and fess up to where they are making their money and paying taxes on the dough. Yeah, you got it; que the laugh track...he's telling two generations of Mexican lawbreakers to get right with all of our various laws. Now, let's see...what's the chance of that happening...oh, I don't know...how about NONE!

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Obama says Keystone XL is for exporting oil outside the U.S., experts disagree. By Lauren Carroll
Excerpt: We found that Obama’s off the mark. ... America gets more crude oil from Canada than any other country. Nearly all of Canada’s exports go to the United States, and this accounts for about a third of America’s total crude oil imports. Much of its oil already makes it to the United States by rail and existing pipelines. We asked several energy economics experts, and they believe that quite a bit -- if not most -- of the Keystone XL crude oil will be bought and used by American refineries.

Religion of Peace News

White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund. By Melissa Quinn
Excerpt: Congress and the Obama White House looked for billions of dollars a few years ago to offset the costs of a legal settlement with black farmers and American Indians, to increase education aid to the states and to develop a vaccine for swine flu.
To get those billions, they looked to the same coffer: Project BioShield, a $5.6 billion fund created specifically to prepare America for a bioterrorist attack and develop treatments for deadly viruses such as Ebola.

Sunni Political Islam: Engine of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. By Jonathan Spyer
Excerpt: An oft-repeated sentiment currently doing the rounds in discussions of the Israeli-Palestinian issue is that it is imperative that the conflict not become a "religious" one. This sentiment, guaranteed to set heads nodding in polite, liberal company, stands out even within the very crowded and competitive field of ridiculous expressions of historical ignorance found in discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. ... In objective reality, the conflict between Jews and Arab Muslims over the land area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea has been, from its very outset, inseparable from its very outset, inseparable from "religion."

The Muslim Brotherhood in America's Schools
Excerpt: "I am waging a Bloodless Revolution in America's Public Schools..." - Shabbir Mansuri (Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education)

Kenya bus attack: Military 'kills 100 Shabab militants'
Excerpt: The Kenyan military has killed more than 100 al-Shabab militants linked to a deadly attack on a bus, Kenya's deputy president says. William Ruto said the armed forces had carried out two operations in Somalia, destroying equipment and a camp from which the bus attack was planned.

Turkey's "Foreign" Citizens. By Burak Bekdil
Excerpt: In 2008, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's official news agency, Wafa, reported that Israel had released poison-resistant rats to drive Arab residents of Jerusalem out of their homes. Scientists are still trying to understand how rats are trained to distinguish between Muslim, Christian and Jewish residents of a city. In 2011, Saudi Arabia announced that it had "detained" a vulture carrying an Israeli leg band. The griffon vulture was carrying a GPS transmitter bearing the name of Tel Aviv University, and was condemned for being a part of a "Zionist espionage plot." We are still waiting to hear if the bird was beheaded or sentenced to life in prison.

Is Beheading Un-Islamic? The Battle of Hattin: How The Christians Lost The Holy Lands
Excerpt: The Templars and Hospitallers who were captured were offered the choice of death or conversion to Islam. Every last one of them chose death over betraying their faith and Saladin ordered them beheaded. (Saladin is a revered Islamic leader, even among Christians. He wouldn't do anything "Un-Islamic! ~Bob)


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. http://tiny.cc/g02s4 For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)gmail.com. Hall’s eleven books are listed here: http://tinyurl.com/o4nu65u. His blog of political news and conservative comment is www.tartanmarine.blogspot.com.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Today's interesting political news and conservative comment


Sainsbury's Christmas advert... don't forget your tissues!
Based on the 1914 Christmas truce. Controversial in the UK. ~Bob

Book Recommendation: The Passing of Armies: An Account of The Final Campaign of The Army of The Potomac. By Joshua Chamberlain
A book I'm currently reading has a section on Chamberlain, reminding me of this wonderful book I read a while back. History buffs will know Chamberlain as the CO of the 20th Maine, who held Little round Top on the left of the union line the second day at Gettysburg. He finished the war as a Major General, and was selected by Grant to receive the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. His order to his troops to render a salute to the surrendering rebels is credited with starting the healing process. This book is a fine account of the end of the war. But it is worth reading to savor Chamberlain's use of the English language. reading it, I felt like an uneducated bumpkin (no comment, please, unless you can write like this). I recommend this both for the interesting history and the writing by a great American. ~Bob

General News and Comment

New comment received on The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
Started reading and ended up powering through it all this morning. You did a nice job of organizing and cataloging things. It makes a great primer for the uninitiated and a solid reference work for those who are already aware of the problems. Nice job. I have read most of the books on your recommended list and quite a few more, of course. I trade the Russell 2000 futures markets for a living and am pretty well dialed into the Fed's shenanigans and the USG's market manipulations. As a 60+ year old conservative who grew up in Palo Alto, CA and went to college at UC Berkeley in the 60's and 70's, I consider myself hyper-tuned into politics and current events. I pound Instapundit, Hot Air, Drudge, Powerline, National Review Online, and Belmont Club daily--usually all day long after I'm done trading in the early morning. I have not been active politically in CA because I still live in the south Bay Area and am not into futility. I make all my contributions to out-of-state politicians (favorites this year: Tom Cotton in Arkansas, and Dan Sullivan in Alaska). My 96 year-old mother still lives in her original house and loves it. I can't leave CA as long as she is still here, but am likely headed for Texas when I can. I have followed many of your recommendations and will be pretty self-reliant and well-armed should troubles come. I will get around to an Amazon review before long. Good luck with your health struggles. I'll say a rosary for you even though you're not a Catholic ;-) --Paul

Almost half of the 114th Congress has been elected since 2010. By Aaron Blake 
Excerpt: You can say a lot of things about the U.S. Congress. One thing you can't really say, though, is that they've been in Washington way too long. Come January, nearly half of Congress (48.8 percent) will have been in office for four years or less -- i.e. elected in 2010 or later. That includes 49.7 percent of the House and 45 percent of the Senate -- assuming GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy defeats Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana runoff Dec. 6.

30,000 ‘Missing’ Emails From IRS’ Lerner Recovered
Excerpt: Up to 30,000 missing emails sent by former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner have been recovered by the IRS inspector general, five months after they were deemed lost forever. (Will make interesting reading. If we really have them. Usually Chicago pols are better at disappearing evidence. ~Bob)

Tweet from Walter Cronkite ‏@CronkiteSays  (Parody account)
Upon hearing Lois Lerner's 30,000 missing email had been recovered, Obama demanded they be turned over to Eric Holder for safekeeping.

Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans
Excerpt: Clark County, Illinois — Sometimes citizens can be so frustrated with county board members they wish someone could just place them under arrest. Well, that is exactly what citizens in Clark County, Illinois did .

Only ‘Rudimentary Monitoring’ of Many High-Threat U.S. Volcanoes: Can take “a good 20 years” under the current budget for USGS to update instruments at one volcano.
Excerpt: An expert volcanologist and geochemist told Congress this week that efforts to predict potential volcanic eruptions are being hampered by outdated equipment and lack of funding. The United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Volcano Hazards Program has designated 55 volcanoes in the U.S. as serious threats. Of these volcanoes, 18 are deemed “very high threats” because an eruption occurring at any of these could cause significant air travel disruptions and threaten people’s lives. (Rumor has it the Elite are purposely understating/reporting the strengths of earthquakes that monitor volcanoes, making equipment less sensitive; so, when the s$%t hits the fan, it will be too late for John Q. Public, while they are all tucked safely in their 1-5 million dollar missile silo condos with air filtration systems. Think planet change versus "climate change." --Barb. "Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence." ~Bob)

A Name On The Wall: Football player Bob Kalsu was the only U.S. pro athlete to die in Vietnam
A lot of pro athletes served and some died in WWII. Giants lost a running back on Iwo. By the current wars, Pat Tillman was vilified for serving. Thus nations die. ~Bob

Rich donors corrupting politics: Wealthy leftists help unions bankroll ‘progressive’ groups. By Jason Hart
Excerpt: Committee on States, a project of the secretive Democracy Alliance, is helping labor unions and leftist millionaires coordinate advocacy for big government in 20 states.
Working with union coalition AFL-CIO and its public-sector affiliate American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees as “institutional partners,” COS has steered over $45 million into state-based “progressive” organizations since 2013,according to internal documents obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

Gun News

The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave. - James Burgh, 1774

Fifth Grader Suspended For Making Gun With Fingers
Excerpt: Another little boy has gotten in trouble at school for having something that primitively, comically represents a gun but isn’t actually anything like a real gun. This time, the student is Nickolas Taylor, a fifth grader at Stacy Middle School in the distant Boston suburb of Milford. (The idiots are in charge of educating the kids. ~Bob)

Florida shootout leaves deputy, gunman dead
Excerpt: A man set his house on fire and then started shooting at responding police officers and firefighters Saturday, killing a deputy and wounding another one before he was shot to death by law enforcement, authorities said.

Race Card News

Two New Black Panther Members Arrested with Explosives Near Ferguson
Excerpt: The FBI arrested members on Thursday on outstanding warrants, they're "accused of purchasing explosives they apparently planned to use during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a law enforcement source told CBS News." (The New Black Panther Party, AKA "Holder's Irregulars." ~Bob)

Excerpt: "I was following developments of a 5-year-old little girl who was sitting on her dad’s lap and just got shot in the head by a drive by shooting and if some of the people here gave a good god damn about the victimization of people in his community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn told reporters. "80% of my homicide victims every year are African American. 80% of our aggravated assault victims are African American. 80% of our shooting victims who survive their shootings are African American. Now they know all about the last three people killed by the Milwaukee Police Department over the course of the last several years. There's not one of them can name one of the last three homicide victims we've had in this city," Flynn said.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Worth Reading: What Should The GOP Do About Obamacare? By John Graham
Excerpt: It should come as no surprise to Townhall readers that the new Republican congress has no plan to deal intelligently with Obamacare. That’s unfortunate. The worst thing that can happen over the next two years is for president Obama to appear to take the high road – insuring the uninsured and fighting the mean insurance companies – while Republicans rail about the small and trivial parts of health reform. And the worst thing that can happen is the very thing that is about to happen. So here is some unsolicited advice.

Post-Obamacare Reform That Works for Workers and Employers. By John Graham
Excerpt: Judging by the midterm election results, the American public hasn’t forgotten President Obama’s broken promise that “if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan.” The good news for healthcare is that the fallout has disrupted the political status quo so much that a partially patient-centered healthcare reform may be possible soon after the president leaves office. Even partial reform could bring welcomed relief to millions who lost their health plans.

Health Care Law Recasts Insurers as Obama Allies. By Robert Pear
Excerpt: As Americans shop in the health insurance marketplace for a second year, President Obama is depending more than ever on the insurance companies that five years ago he accused of padding profits and canceling coverage for the sick. ... But since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, the relationship between the Obama administration and insurers has evolved into a powerful, mutually beneficial partnership that has been a boon to the nation’s largest private health plans and led to a profitable surge in their Medicaid enrollment. (Isn't this interesting? This is from the New York Times, the all-time media supporter of ObamaCare, but they have discovered that now there's collusion between the insurance companies and the program, and the insurance companies will be making MORE money under the system than before! I'm pretty sure that was not among the things that were supposed to happen, it was the American people who were going to be better off all around, not the insurance companies. Funny how things work out. --Del)

We were paying $867/mo for health ins. Just got notice that as of January, our rate is going up to $996/mo for family of five.

Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber fired by second state — North Carolina

Undocumented Democrat News

New DHS immigration rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders not top deportation priorities
Excerpt: The new priorities are striking. On the tough side, the president wants U.S. immigration authorities to go after terrorists, felons, and new illegal border crossers. On the not-so-tough side, the administration views convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders as second-level enforcement priorities. An illegal immigrant could spend up to a year in prison for a violent crime and still not be a top removal priority for the Obama administration.

"Republicans oppose my order to legalize immigrants who mow lawns, make beds, and clean out bedpans because the GOP stereotypes Mexicans."

Washington Post Fact Checker Gives Obama Upside-Down Pinocchio For Immigration Flip-Flop
Excerpt: Yet even The Washington Post editorial board is skeptical of Obama’s actions: “Mr. Obama may find a constitutional way to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws. But in his frustration with democracy, he is likely to prove his point: Unilateralism will not make the system work.” So much for Obama’s pledge to work with Congress on immigration reform: ... “Previously he said that was not possible, using evocative language that he is not a ‘king’ or ‘the emperor.’ Apparently he’s changed his mind. The president earns an upside-down Pinocchio for his flip-flop.”
Excerpt: Finally, the first biting political spoof from Saturday Night Live in a while: the Bill from Schoolhouse Rock explains to a student how he becomes a law, only to be violently beat up by Barack Obama and his new best friend, “Executive Order.” Even then, the poor Executive Order still thinks he’s used for simple things, like declaring holidays and creating national parks, until Obama informs him that he’s going to be used to grant amnesty to 5 million undocumented immigrants. His reaction: “Whoa.”

'Whoa... go hard or go home, right?': SNL takes aim at Obama's executive order that vetoed Congress to grant amnesty to five million immigrants
Excerpt: President Barack Obama has received the SNL treatment with a sketch that took aim at his executive order vetoing Congress to secure the protection of at least five million immigrants from deportation. The Bill from the educational series Schoolhouse Rock! arrives at Capitol Hill to explain to a student the route he makes through Congress. But the lesson is disrupted by a calm, collected and smiling Obama who kicks him down the steps - before introducing a very laid back Executive Order.

Major Newspaper Pulls Cartoon Critical of Obama’s Immigration Reform After Many Call It ‘Racist’
Excerpt: After the Indianapolis Star published a political cartoon on Friday that was decidedly against President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration reform, the paper’s executive editor Jeff Taylor said many readers were offended and called it “racist.”(What isn't "racist" according to the libs? --JB)

Blue State Blues: My Immigrant Father's Warning--'When Illegality Becomes The Law'
Excerpt: They chose the United States, embracing the unique kind of freedom that flourishes here precisely because of the Constitution that has remained, until now, the foundation of communal life. Some argue—as President Barack Obama often does—that the process of political action does not matter, only the result. ...That is when illegality can become the law.

Religion of Peace News

The Consequences of Misunderstanding the Middle East: The Obama administration is conducting a "policy review" on what to do about Syria and Iraq. But rehashing the same strategy could just make a bad situation even worse. BY Aaron David Miller 
Excerpt: But in reality, trying to get getting rid of Assad right now will almost certainly make the situation in Syria worse, boosting IS's standing and recruitment capacity while embroiling Washington in further battles with Iran and Russia that it can't possibly win. Such a shift would also reflect the fact that some of U.S. President Barack Obama's advisors have learned very little about the Middle East these past several years and almost nothing about the consequences of their own actions. The fact is that the Obama administration has consistently overestimated the receptivity of this region to positive change as well as their own capacity to do much about it. Being on the right side of history doesn't always mean you're on the smart or winning side. (What an horrendous mess the Middle East is. It seems the choices we have there are to not act, and lose, or act one way, and lose, or act any other way, and lose. Is there ANY way we can act there that is less likely to have major negative consequences and more likely to have at least some positive ones? I sure don't know, although part of me says if we could somehow really bring to bear the power to destroy ISIS, or at least hurt them so badly that they dropped back to a small enclave in Syria, that would be a good thing, both in itself and in getting the rest of the world to accord us just a small bit of respect for our abilities. --Del)

Radwan Taleb Al-Hamdouni Dead: Senior Islamic State Figure Reportedly Killed In Mosul
Excerpt: An Islamic State leader has been killed in an air strike in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, residents and a local medical source said on Thursday. Radwan Taleb al-Hamdouni, whom the sources described as the radical militant group's leader in Mosul, was killed with his driver when their car was hit in a western district of the city on Wednesday afternoon.

The United States has no good options on Syria. By Dennis Ross
Excerpt: It should come as no surprise that the Obama administration continues to wrestle with its approach to Syria. There are no good options in a war that has claimed 200,000 lives and displaced nearly 10 million people. The president is right to say that there are no magic solutions, yet he also clearly understands that avoidance is not an alternative if we are to achieve his declared objective of degrading and eventually destroying the Islamic State. Leaving the terrorist group with a haven in Syria ensures it both an ability to wreak havoc in Iraq and an operational space from which to plan, recruit and, in time, carry out attacks worldwide. (Obama should read my blog. as I've been saying for years, THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS IN SYRIA!. You might want to write that down. ~Bob)

Iraqi forces, Iranian-supported militias report success in Baiji
Excerpt: The Iraqi military and Iranian-backed Shiite militias are reported to have liberated the central city of Baiji from the Islamic State and are close to breaking the siege on the nearby oil refinery. The Shiite militias, which are heavily supported by Iran's Qods Force, are playing a key role in recent gains against the Islamic State. US airpower has supported the militias and Iraqi government forces. ... Asaib al Haq, or the League of the Righteous, a Shiite militia that is responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq between 2006-2011, is known to be fighting in Baiji. 

Ex-Gitmo 'poet' now recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Excerpt: An ex-Guantanamo detainee based in northern Pakistan is leading an effort to recruit jihadists for the Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot that controls large portions of Iraq and Syria. Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost, who was detained at Guantanamo for three years, has sworn allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Dost's oath of allegiance was issued on July 1, just two days after Baghdadi named himself "Caliph Ibrahim I" and declared that his Islamic State was now a "caliphate."

Muslim Man arrested, accused of slashing man after heated religious conversation
Excerpt: Upon their arrival, officers learned the victim, Jerome Bullock and 54-year-old Jimmy Stepney had been arguing about the Bible and the Quran. According to the arrest affidavit, Stepney is a Muslim and the Bullock is a Christian. The report went on to say Stepney had been making comments about beheading people. "We were watching the news," said Bullock. "He said he felt like more Muslims need to step up to the plate and do certain thing. He was talking about beheading people." ("Certitude leads to violence." --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ~Bob)

Islamists are just Nazis in nightgowns....~Bob

Deemed 'too Western' teenager beaten by family
Excerpt: A 15-year-old girl who was viciously beaten up by her family and locked in a bathroom because she was "too Western" has been entrusted to the social services after hospital treatment. (Here's a tip for Muslims. If you don't want your children to become "Westernized," don't live in a western country. No need to kill your kids for the family's "honor." Just move to a Muslim majority country before they are about six. There are many where some version of Shari'a Law and their views of "True Islam" are written into law--and enforced without mercy. Find one you like. ~Bob

Important Discussion: Should Presidents Call Islam a 'Religion of Peace?' Two George W. Bush Officials Debate
Excerpt: "For American government officials to be telling Muslims, 'I know real Islam' ... is ridiculous," he added. "... It would be an outrage about Judaism and Christianity as well. ... For government officials who are 99 percent Christians to be trying to find what is authentic in Islam seems to me to be a fool's errand." ... When presidents say Islam is a religion of peace, "the average American thinks this is crap," he said, because the average American reasons that "the only people doing the beheadings are Muslims, so don't tell me it's all wonderful." (Government officials who say this don't really believe it, but are trying to keep the Muslim masses quiet. It's not working. ~Bob)

The Real Islam: ‘One by One They Were Shot in the Head’: Islamist Hijackers Use a Simple Test to Find — and Kill — Non-Muslims
Excerpt: Suspected Islamic extremists from Somalia hijacked a bus in Kenya’s north and killed 28 non-Muslims on board after they had been singled out from the rest of the passengers, police officials said Saturday. One passenger said the hijackers used a disturbing, simple test to identify who they would kill: knowledge of the Koran.

“Moderate” Rebels Armed by Obama Join al-Qaeda, ISIS. By Alex Newman
Excerpt: More of the Obama administration’s supposed “moderate” jihadist rebels this month defected to al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch known as Jabhat al-Nusra, which was also reportedly working with the self-styled “Islamic State.” Obama’s “moderate” rebels, armed and trained by U.S. taxpayers under the guise of fighting less-moderate ISIS jihadists (whom Vice President Joe Biden admitted were actually armed and funded by Obama’s “anti-ISIS” coalition), reportedly took their heavy American weapons with them. Eventually, those U.S.-supplied weapons are likely to be used against Western interests and citizens, analysts said.

Ottawa shooter ‘confrontational’ at North Vancouver construction site. He talked of Jewish conspiracy theories, fellow workers recall
Excerpt: “He was always trying to convert me, (saying) ‘You should read the Qur’an, bro,’ ” Banek said. When asked if he would be happy with world peace but no religion, Zehaf-Bibeau told Banek, “No, there can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims.”

Director of US-funded UN school calls synagogue jihad murders “wonderful.” By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: Your tax dollars at work. Tom Gross notes that a UNRWA report “reveals that the girls’ branch of the Zaitoun Elementary School was ‘completed in 2012 … with funding from the United States of America.'” If the UN were anything like what it claims to be, it would fire Naief Al-Hattab immediately. And if the U.S. had a sane administration, Zaitoun Elementary School and others like it wouldn’t get a penny more funding from the U.S. But Naief Al-Hattab is actually one of many UN teachers who openly express genocidal Islamic Jew-hatred

The Real Islam: Suicide bomber kills 45 at Afghanistan volleyball game
Excerpt: At least 45 people were killed and 60 others wounded Sunday when a suicide bomber attacked a crowd watching a volleyball match in the Yahyakhil district of Afghanistan's southeastern Paktika province, according to a spokesman for the provincial governor.


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